While our customers who tend to be dog lovers, we all have a soft spot for cats. Did you know there are more Cats than Dogs in U.S households? In this blog you will read about some reasons to adopt, choosing the right cat, some popular breeds and what makes them unique, cat breeds fitting allergic people, and lastly how to introduce a cat into your household.

Reasons to adopt a cat

Cats make perfect (or should I say purrrrrfect) couch potato buddys. Cats are super lazy. Cats on average sleep for 15 hours a day. Since cats are so lazy they are great for adults who work long hours and just want to snuggle when they get home. Cats entertain themselves, bathe themselves and use the bathroom without having to go on walks. Cats can also lower your blood pressure just by having a cat in your household. 

Choosing the right cat

First off you need a Cat thats lifespan fits you. Some cats live up to 20 years and you have to be aware on your long term commitments. You will also need to know how much is in the budget. Feeding and caring for a cat is not free. The cost can range between $500-$1,000 a year on average. The costs compare of an adult cat, a kitten, and which breed it is. You may find ads online or in the newspaper for cats that are for sale or “free to a good home.” While it’s certainly an option to adopt a cat from a neighbor or even a stranger on craigslist, you should be aware that there are risks to this. The person offering the cat may not know much about its  history, or breed. Make sure that you get any medical records or other paperwork from the person offering the cat. If it is a cat for sale, you may have a hard time getting your money back if the cat turns out to be different than you were promised, so make sure to look into it to see if its false advertising. 

Top 5 cat breeds and attributies.

1. The Persian

This cute cat is a very famous cat accross the U.S. Persians are affectionate and loyal but need their long fur groomed very often. 

2. The Maine Coon 

This breed has been in second place since 1992 and it’s no wonder. This is a very gentle, loving creature who is large by cat-size. They have long fur like the Persian. However, they do not need as much grooming as the Persian. This Cat is a good option if you dont want to do the grooming. 

3. The Exotic

This breed is like a Persian but with short fur. Their nickname is “Persian in Pajamas” because of their coloring. They are sweet like a Persian but only need brushing twice a week.

4. The Siamesse 

Siamese like to “chat” with their owners. This is a sleek cat who is very athletic. They usually tend to stick with one person and are loyal and loving.

5. The Abyssinian 

These cats are considered some of the lookers in the cat world. Thin and elegant with a shiny coat, they are active felines, very playful and friendly.

As you can see different cats have different charastics and needs. Its whatever works for you. 

I hope you can find the right fit and think about adopting a cat.  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you might adopt a cat!